Interop enables IT Agility (sell that Mainframe on ebay?)

Here’s an interesting story! January 30, 2008 (Computerworld) An IBM zSeries mainframe that Palm Beach Community College bought for about a half-million dollars in 2005 was sold this month on eBay for $40,000. Mainframes and other IT systems “depreciate worse than cars,” lamented Tony Parziale, CIO at the college in Florida. Parziale has moved some…


WADL and WSDL and REST, oh my!

Hernan Garcia made an interesting comment on my post of yesterday:  For REST, there is an alternative to the WSDL in SOAP and it is WADL. Good point Mr Garcia – The adoption and practical utility of WADL is worth watching.  The question for me becomes whether WADL+REST is actually better than WSDL+SOAP, or just different.  Whether…


Interesting: Microsoft may become Platinum Sponsor of Apache Software Foundation

Am I the first to notice this?  Yahoo is a platinum sponsor of the Apache Software Foundation.  If Microsoft’s proposed acquisition of Yahoo goes through, Microsoft will assume that role. Interesting! I wonder if that is the key reason Steve Ballmer wants to spend $44Billion on Yahoo?  heh heh.


Java Native Interface library for MSMQ – opensource on CodePlex

More CodePlex stuff. I have posted MsmqJava, an open source MSMQ Library for Java, on CodePlex. Find it at . This thing allows any Java application running on Windows to connect to MSMQ, to enqueue and dequeue items, via a Java Native Interface.   It’s a nifty technology enabling interop between .NET apps and Java apps…


DotNetZip, open source ZIP library for .NET applications, revs to v1.3

I have updated DotNetZip, the open source Zip Library for .NET, to v1.3.  [Update, 3 January 2009:  DotNetZip is now at v1.7 .  It includes Unicode, ZIP64, and runs on the Compact Framework. ] Find it at . Some of the key fixes new features include: ability to read and write zips via streams, better interop with Java+Linux, better…


Another SOAP and REST discussion, Same Result

Catching up with some reading, I was looking through the SDTimes issue from January 1st (yes, I know, it is now February.  Cut me some slack!).  In it, Sanjiva Weerawarana, CEO of WS02, has a guest editorial column about your favorite subject and mine:  REST versus SOAP.  Nothing really new, to me anyway, in that…