Gates Center at Carnegie Mellon

I visited my alma mater, Carnegie Mellon last weekend. Met up with some fellow alums who came in from out of town, including Brendan, Scott, and Brian, pictured here. We’re checking out the construction site for the Gates Center at Carnegie Mellon. This was enabled by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation…


Interop Examples (Java, .NET, XML, AXIS) are Temporarily Unavailable

The examples that are usually available at and , primarily showing interop between Java and Microsoft .NET, are temporarily unavailable.  These examples used AXIS, JBoss, and a bunch of other Java technology to interop with .NET and even MS-Office.  I am having some network problems.  I hope to resolve them soon. My apologies…


Hey!  There’s a new aggregator for blogs related to BizTalk Server.  Check it out.