SQL Server driver for PHP

In case you missed it: The first CTP (Community Technology Preview) of the SQL Server 2005 Driver for PHP, is now available for download from Microsoft.

Microsoft announced the imminent release of this thing during the Zend/PHP Conference 10 days ago [news]. The CTP release of the driver is not suitable for production use, but is usable for testing and experimentation.  It's intended to provide PHP developers an early look, and to solicit feedback from the community to help refine the design of the API, the feature set, and the target scenarios.  The official release of the driver is expected in the first half of 2008. 

Nice!  Combine this with the IIS+PHP integration, and soon you will have a solid, high-performance PHP platform on Windows and SQL.  If you do PHP, download the software, explore the sample applications and provide feedback to Microsoft via the SQL+PHP team blog.

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