DotNet Zip Library Graduates to CodePlex

I finally created a CodePlex project for the .NET Zip Library. Find it at . If you want some background on the Zip Library, check out my prior posts on this topic.


Microsoft launches new SOA Website

The new Microsoft SOA & Business Process website is up! And I am really pleased to see it. Mea culpa time: For a long time, we (Microsoft) have not effectively communicated with customers and partners about Service Oriented Architecture. That’s why I’m so pleased to see this new website. By the way, the new website…


CardSpace interoperability with PHP and Java

Another note on PHP…  this time dealing with Information Cards and CardSpace. This, like the SQL+PHP integration I mentioned previously, was also announced at ZendCon about 10 days ago. Microsoft and Zend Technologies announced a collaborative effort to enable support for information cards by PHP developers through a component built for the Zend Framework. Using…


SQL Server driver for PHP

In case you missed it: The first CTP (Community Technology Preview) of the SQL Server 2005 Driver for PHP, is now available for download from Microsoft. Microsoft announced the imminent release of this thing during the Zend/PHP Conference 10 days ago [news]. The CTP release of the driver is not suitable for production use, but is usable…


Microsoft General Manager blogs on Interop & Integration

Steve Guggenheimer blogs on interop.  I love to see this!  Steve runs the global application platform business at Microsoft; his organization has responsibility for overall strategy, as well as responsibility for indvidual products and technologies like SQL Server, Visual Studio , the .NET Framework and BizTalk Server.  He talks specifically about the interop work we…


Converting DateTime values to arbitrary TimeZones

Dealing with dates and times across geographies is an ongoing challenge for many people.  One of the aspects of that challenge is that in .NET, it is not easily possible to format a time for display, using an arbitrary timezone.  It is possible of course, but it requires too much work.  Now comes word of the…


Introduction to WCF – Article on TechTarget

Last week, TechTarget published an article I wrote providing a brief introduction to WCF.  If you haven’t had a chance to look at WCF, it may be worth a look.  It’s about 2 printed pages (not that you or I would print it out, because we are both so environmentally conscientious these days).  And at that…


Date and Time Values and Java Interop: a concrete example using XStream

Last month I posted on Date and Time values and interop.  One of the key points I made is that you can lose information (specifically timezone information) when you transition from .NET to something else.   If you stay within .NET, then you don’t lose that information, even if you serialize to XML and then de-serialize. …


Benchmarks and Interop: IBM responds to StockTrader

Just saw comments by Andrew Spyker of IBM on the StockTrader demonstration and benchmark that my buddy and esteemed colleague Greg Leake put together. IBM’s Trade 6.1 benchmark application is a sample and performance testing application published by IBM, and is designed to illustrate the proper application design practices for high performance J2EE-based applications running within WebSphere…


WCF and Apache AXIS interop

I’m getting back to building and publishing working examples. My latest is a working example of a WCF client communicating with an Apache AXIS 1.4 server, using web services.  You can find it here.  There’s full source code available. This one shows complex types with nesting being transferred between AXIS and WCF.  There’s no Security…