Gates Center at Carnegie Mellon

I visited my alma mater, Carnegie Mellon last weekend. Met up with some fellow alums who came in from out of town, including Brendan, Scott, and Brian, pictured here. We’re checking out the construction site for the Gates Center at Carnegie Mellon. This was enabled by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation…


Interop Examples (Java, .NET, XML, AXIS) are Temporarily Unavailable

The examples that are usually available at and , primarily showing interop between Java and Microsoft .NET, are temporarily unavailable.  These examples used AXIS, JBoss, and a bunch of other Java technology to interop with .NET and even MS-Office.  I am having some network problems.  I hope to resolve them soon. My apologies…


Hey!  There’s a new aggregator for blogs related to BizTalk Server.  Check it out.

.NET Framework 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008 have been released

On Monday this week, the .NET Framework v3.5 and Visual Studio 2008 were publicly released.  The .NET Framework v3.5 includes some nice new capabilities in the communications stack, specifically REST support, support for JSON or XML serialization, and ATOM & RSS Syndication support.  There’s also some nice integration between WCF and ASPNET AJAX – where…

VS2005 support for SQL 2008 CTP5

Visual Studio 2005 Support for SQL Server 2008 CTP is now publicly available. Download Center links: SQL Server 2008 CTP, November 2007 – this is the “Community Tech Preview” (CTP5) of SQL 2008. Visual Studio 2005 Support for SQL Server 2008, CTP  – this is the patch you can apply to Visual Studio 2005, to allow…


JMS Adapters for .NET & BizTalk

Love it!  I previously posted about a beta of the JNBridge JMS Adapters.  I just got a form email from the company that they’ve publicly released their adapters.  There’s a version of the adpater for .NET apps – this allows any .NET app to connect to any JMS resource.  Think about that.  It’s really useful.  If…


SOAP? REST? Whichever you choose, WCF is the right framework

There’s a new paper by David Chappell that is worth checking out.  Entitled “Dealing with Diversity: Understanding WCF Communication Options in the .NET Framework 3.5”, it discusses WCF and its applicability to REST as well as WS-* style communications.  (To get the paper, click the link and then scroll down to download the Diversity paper.) As…


DotNet Zip Library Graduates to CodePlex

I finally created a CodePlex project for the .NET Zip Library. Find it at . If you want some background on the Zip Library, check out my prior posts on this topic.


Microsoft launches new SOA Website

The new Microsoft SOA & Business Process website is up! And I am really pleased to see it. Mea culpa time: For a long time, we (Microsoft) have not effectively communicated with customers and partners about Service Oriented Architecture. That’s why I’m so pleased to see this new website. By the way, the new website…


CardSpace interoperability with PHP and Java

Another note on PHP…  this time dealing with Information Cards and CardSpace. This, like the SQL+PHP integration I mentioned previously, was also announced at ZendCon about 10 days ago. Microsoft and Zend Technologies announced a collaborative effort to enable support for information cards by PHP developers through a component built for the Zend Framework. Using…