XSDObjectGen ++ ?

If you model your data types in XSD, then maybe you have used xsd.exe, in the .NET Framework SDK.  It can generate a .NET class from an XSD, and so can be really useful in the general domain of “XML Data binding” as they call it in the Java world.  However, there are some pitfalls…


Why Interop? Why would you want to connect Java and .NET?

Ted Neward has penned a column addressing Why organizations should be concerned with Java and .NET Interoperability.   In essence, he says: While there is nothing you can do in .NET, than you cannot do in Java, and vice versa, both Java and .NET have their strengths.  Therefore we should want apply the platform in domains where…


Does Java break on Windows Vista?

There was a forum discussion on javalobby that said, “Running Java on Vista Disabled Aero/Glass UI Effects”, extending a discussion initially started on Microsoft Watch.  Rick Ross, editor of Javalobby, opined So, let’s put two and two together. Vista is just one final test version away from being released to production, and Java desktop applications are…


WordProcessingML doc creation in Java

A while back, the OpenXmlDeveloper.org website offered an example of how to create a WordProcessingML document from within Java code.  I even referenced it briefly here.  Remember, WordProcessingML is the document format produced and consumed by Microsoft Word 2007, and the format will also be supported by back versions of Word via the freely downloadable…


What Interop Sessions would you like to see at JavaOne 2007?

Hey all you cats and kittens, the organizers of JavaOne 2007 at Sun are calling for proposals for sessions and content for next year’s event currently set for May.  Naturally, Microsoft would like to present on Java+Microsoft interop topics, and we have a few ideas in mind.  But what I’d like to know is, what…


Call Java from Excel Services? Yes you can!

This is an example of what is possible when web services is baked into the platform.  Excel Services in MOSS 2007 supports the creation of User-Defined Functions (UDFs) in .NET.  The .NET methods show us as @ functions within the Excel spreadsheet, pretty nifty.  Inside the UDF function, which is just a normal vanilla .NET…


Server is up – Interop examples are again available

The server is now up. You should once again be able to get to http://dinoch.dyndns.org:7070 for the interop examples. Any examples that use http://dinoch.dyndns.org:8080 for the ASP.NET stuff – that will as yet be unavailable.  Should come up within the next couple of days.  Let me know if there are problems. -Dino 


AXIS connects to Office 2007 Excel Services

Office 2007 introduces all sorts of new cool things.  One of the things that has me most jazzed is the Excel services, which is part of the Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 (aka MOSS 2007).  What Excel Services gives you – you can now use server resources to run spreadsheet computations.  Previous to the release…


Use Microsoft Word 2007 to write Blog Posts – and post to any server

This may be old news to some of you, but the beta of Office 2007 includes a new feature that lets you author blog posts, and post them to any server. It generates clean, efficient HTML, contrary to Office 2003’s “save as HTML…” option. It provides a streamlined user interface, when you are creating a…


Server is down – Interop Examples temporarily unavailable

The examples I hadrunning in http://dinoch.dyndns.org:7070 and http://dinoch.dyndns.org:8080 , primarily showing interop between Java and Microsoft .NET, are temporarily unavailable.  These examples used AXIS, JBoss, and a bunch of other Java technology to interop with .NET and even MS-Office.  I am in the middle of relocating the server, and don’t have it up and running…