Microsoft at Java IndicThreads

Last Friday, Microsoft participated in India’s first independent Java conference called, called Java IndicThreads. Microsoft joined a number of Java-oriented companies, including Pramati, Oracle and Canoo, in sponsoring this conference. 


Janakiram MSV - a Developer Evangelist with Microsoft – delivered a session entitled ‘Connected Enterprise – Integrating Java and .NET Solutions’.  Here's his report:

I started the session with a quick intro and a recap of .NET architecture and then compared the stack with J2EE. I then moved to .NET 3.0 with a drill down on WCF, WPF and WF. I showed WCF service model with multiple bindings (BasicHttpBinding and NetTCPBinding) and a two-way interop demo with Sun JAX-WS, Apache Axis2.  I did talk about SUN’s Project Tango but couldn’t show a demo because of the incompatibilities in the build. I also demonstrated WPF Rich UI consuming data coming from an EJB hosted in JBoss. I used JNBridge to do a two-way interop. I also showed WF and its service integration capabilities. Finally, I did a quick demo of Office 2007 and showed them the Open XML features. I wrapped up my session with a demo that dynamically generates a MS Word 2007 document from a JSP hosted on Apache Tomcat. I used JAXP and Java.Util.Zip.* on the Java-powered server-side app to generate a Word document in XML format on the fly, which could then be consumed by the client-side browser app. 

It sounds like it was a very dense session, lots of good interop stuff in there. 

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