Forrester recommendations on .NET and Java interop

I was looking through the online library at Microsoft and found this piece from John Rymer at Forrester Research – it is entitled “Choosing The Best Option For .NET-Java/J2EE Interoperability” and covers how to select the right .NET-to-Java interop technology, among the myriad options available.  Check it out if you have a relationship with Forrester….


ECMA approves Open XML as a standard

News item:  ECMA’s press release:  An Excerpt: At the General Assembly meeting on 7 December 2006, Ecma International approved Office Open XML as an Ecma standard (Ecma 376). The General Assembly also approved submitting the standard for adoption under the ISO/IEC JTC 1 process. The work to standardize OpenXML has been carried out…


Microsoft at Java IndicThreads

Last Friday, Microsoft participated in India’s first independent Java conference called, called Java IndicThreads. Microsoft joined a number of Java-oriented companies, including Pramati, Oracle and Canoo, in sponsoring this conference.    Janakiram MSV – a Developer Evangelist with Microsoft – delivered a session entitled ‘Connected Enterprise – Integrating Java and .NET Solutions’.  Here’s his report: I started…