Does Java break on Windows Vista?

There was a forum discussion on javalobby that said, "Running Java on Vista Disabled Aero/Glass UI Effects", extending a discussion initially started on Microsoft Watch.  Rick Ross, editor of Javalobby, opined

So, let’s put two and two together. Vista is just one final test version away from being released to production, and Java desktop applications are somehow disabling the slickest and most visible part of the new Vista interface. I don’t know how you feel about it, but I think this is potentially a very sticky situation. I have not heard any indication that this problem is the result of some new conspiracy involving either of the former archrivals, Sun and Microsoft.

Let's all be very clear on this - it's not a Java-versus-Windows-Vista thing.  It's all been explained before

On the topic of Java/Vista Interop, a comment made by one of the Java guys posting on javalobby is notable:

> And here it comes RC2, prefinal release, was just scared that MS pulled something out in last two builds that "kills" Java on Vista.

They're not "evil", you know, not the people I worked with at least. Not to mention that they will be the ones people complain to if java doesn't work. They actually invited us to their compatibility program early on, and are very attentive to the bugs we file, and responsive overall. We have access to the latest non-public Vista builds, etc (so the build I just installed is actually newer than those currently available to public).

> So, what actually works? 5.0_8 and Mustang builds?

Yes, it works. Note that 5.0u8 (and u9, I believe) doesn't officially support Vista, we just made sure it works (plus backported Swing's Win L&F changes from JDK6). Full Vista support will be in JDK6 and one of the next 5.0 update releases - they will be out by the time Vista ships.


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