Using IBM DB2 v9 with .NET – Tutorial series from IBM

Check this out, a series of 4 tutorials from IBM describing how to use DB2 UDB v9, the new release of its database,(previously code-named "Viper") with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and .NET 2.0.  Cool.

Use the DB2 native XML data store
Create a web App using DB2 v9 and .NET
Create a Windows Forms app using DB2 and .NET
DB2 v9 setup stuff


Comments (2)

  1. hodish says:


    we want sample code for ( menu web application use WDS java  programmed to read or write in one file on IBM DB2 AS/400 i System to help us to do complete application using java and DB2


  2. cheeso says:

    Maybe try posting to a Java/DB2 forum?

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