Another Webcast – on Contract-First Design

Webcast on Contract-First design

Popping my head up after having spent the past couple months underground, I found another webcast: Dissecting Contract-First Web Services. It originally aired July 12th, 2006, and is now available for replay, on-demand. It's a level-200 webcast, which means you will see some code, see some angle-brackets, but as the speaker said, "it's not rocket science." Hear, hear.

Contract-first approaches are critical to achieving interoperability across disparate web services stacks. If you are connecting between .NET and WebSphere, or .NET and Apache AXIS, or .NET and Sun JWSDP, and so on, you will want to use a contract-first approach. This webcast talks all about the approach.

By the way, the speaker is Christian Weyer, a .NET consultant and expert from Germany. He is a founder of thinktecture, and also acts as a Microsoft Regional Director. That might sound like a title of a Microsoft employee, but an RD isn't an employee. The official word is:

Microsoft Regional Directors are independent developers and architects, volunteers chosen for their leadership in their local technology circles, whose primary purpose is to share information about Microsoft technologies with their developer communities and to provide feedback from developers to Microsoft. Regional Directors are not Microsoft employees, but instead are industry experts who choose Microsoft technology in order to help their customers reach business goals and objectives.”

See more on Regional Directors, here.

Anyway, Christian knows his stuff. He speaks from experience, in clear language. He distinguishes between code-oriented contract-first design, and schema-based contract-first design, and why you would choose one versus the other.

A good basic webcast on the topic.

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