MTOM in WCF and WebSphere?

Someone asked how to send binary attachments between .NET and WebSphere.


After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, the W3C standard for sending attachments in webservices is MTOM.   On the Microsoft side, MTOM is supported in WSE 3.0 or WCF .  


I believe MTOM is not yet supported in a released version of WebSphere Application Server.   Hmmm...   You could use Apache AXIS on the Java side - AXIS 2.0 does MTOM, and it just went to the 1.0 release (not sure how the AXIS guys came up with AXIS 2.0 1.0, these version numbers are baffling to me.  But those who live in glass houses, etc etc. )  But if you rely on AXIS for MTOM in WebSphere, you've voided your warranty.  Hmmm, not so good.


I believe you will have to wait a bit longer for MTOM in WebSphere.   Maybe one of my IBM friends can comment, I will check.


In the meantime I will work up a simple example app that does AXIS 2.0 1.0 and WCF interop with MTOM. That should post soon.




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  1. Bytex says:


    How do you think, is it possible to reach full compatibility of complex types between java axis2 web service and .NET client ? I need to choose some java technology for webservices which will work with Java clients as well as with .NET clients.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. cheeso says:

    Yes, it is possible, if you follow the guidelines:  design your types in XML Schema first. Keep it Simple, and avoid the esoteric corners of XML Schema. Then generate types for Java with AXIS tools, and for .NET with .NET tools.  Build adapters to connect these generated types into your existing classes.


  3. XFire MTOM should work well enough as well ( I haven’t personally tried it with WCF, but I’ve done a fair amount with WSE.

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