Encouraging comments by Microsoft Exec on Open-source, and Interop

In the no-stuff-just-fluff department:

Peter Galli of eWeek recently spoke with Bob Muglia, Senior VP of Microsoft's server and tools business, and wrote up an article.  Galli reported that Muglia says that Microsoft needs to continue along its road of interoperability, and it needs to ensure that Microsoft stuff will work with open-source software, including software licensed under the GPL.  Muglia said the reaction from the community has been skeptical, but also points out that the goal from both sides is to meet customer needs. "This is just the more mature view of the way the world is evolving, and we want to make sure that if customers are choosing Linux or other open-source-based products that we have ways of interoperating and working effectively with that."

Muglia also said, "Open source was way ahead of us on [community involvement] five years ago and we have learned from them."  He added that Microsoft still has more to learn from the valuable community models first pioneered in open source projects.   

That's good to see.


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