resource on .NET and Lotus Domino

Found this while spelunking today.  Here's a guy who blogs about .NET for Domino Devs.  Lots of code interop and also technology translation information. 

A side benefit is, the author of the site, Jeff Crossett, is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  How's that for a small world? (me, too)


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  1. Hope folks find it useful.  I think I have another chapter waiting to get out.


  2. Jasdeep says:


    I have written code in C# to send mail from windows application using lotus notes. For That I have made use of Interop.DOmino.dll. The code works fine on the m/c where Visual Studio 2005 is installed…But on the m/c in which Dot net Framework 2 is there it fails due to SEHException thrown by external component. The Interop.Domino dll is created using build and is there in the project’s directory. All m/c have lOtus notes installed. And I have also registered nlsxbe.dll as suggested.

    I tried to write code in Visual Studio 2003. (Interop.Domino Dll id present in the iDE) The code gets compiled but throws the SEHException when run. Can u please advise.



  3. cheeso says:

    Jadeep, a forum is a better place to pose your question.

    I suggest

    They deal with COM Interop issues there.

  4. Vikram says:

    Please refer to this site for sample code..…/lotusnoteintegrator.aspx

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