IKVM.NET and interop

I just heard a story about a shop that used IKVM to good effect.  The existing system has server-side and fat-client pieces, mostly implemented in Java, though they have some C++.  The Swing clients communicate to the server pieces via a simple sockets protocol ("we don't need no steenking HTTP").  Also the design uses a bit of JNI on the server side. Anyway, they had a customer requirement to run the server-side portion on .NET, so they used IKVM to convert the existing Java Jars to DLLs and EXEs.  The existing Java/Swing fat clients, unchanged, can now communicate over the same sockets channel to the new, IKVM-converted server-side apps.  Totally transparent interop.


Comments (2)

  1. Yes, IKVM is awesome. But you ought to capitalize its name right 😉 Especially since the correct capitalization is *all over* the page that you linked to…

    Having said that, I’m always happy to see it get good publicity. It’s an amazing project that totally deserves more attention. I’m using it in production and it does exactly what it says it does 🙂

  2. cheeso says:

    Darn!  ok, from now on, IKVM.   I’ve got it now.

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