Forrester recommendations on .NET and Java interop

I was looking through the online library at Microsoft and found this piece from John Rymer at Forrester Research – it is entitled “Choosing The Best Option For .NET-Java/J2EE Interoperability” and covers how to select the right .NET-to-Java interop technology, among the myriad options available.  Check it out if you have a relationship with Forrester….


ECMA approves Open XML as a standard

News item:  ECMA’s press release:  An Excerpt: At the General Assembly meeting on 7 December 2006, Ecma International approved Office Open XML as an Ecma standard (Ecma 376). The General Assembly also approved submitting the standard for adoption under the ISO/IEC JTC 1 process. The work to standardize OpenXML has been carried out…


Microsoft at Java IndicThreads

Last Friday, Microsoft participated in India’s first independent Java conference called, called Java IndicThreads. Microsoft joined a number of Java-oriented companies, including Pramati, Oracle and Canoo, in sponsoring this conference.    Janakiram MSV – a Developer Evangelist with Microsoft – delivered a session entitled ‘Connected Enterprise – Integrating Java and .NET Solutions’.  Here’s his report: I started…


Ballmer on Why Microsoft pursues Interoperability

I saw this on CNet this morning, an interview with Steve Ballmer of Microsoft and Ron Hovsepian of Novell, talking about the recent intellectual property deal MS and Novell signed.  I thought this quote in particular, from Ballmer, was a good succinct statement of why Microsoft pursues interoperability: I know our customers have Linux. It’s…


SQL Server 2005 SP2, November CTP – Interop with Oracle and Hyperion

ooooh, my my my.   Everyone is awaiting SQL Server 2005 SP2, because SP2 is required to run SQL Server 2005 correctly on Windows Vista.  But there are also some interop goodies in SQL Server 2005 SP2, or at least in the November CTP.  For those of you who are not current on all the techno jargon,…


.NET 3.0 Runtime and SDK has shipped

Just in case you haven’t seen this clearly spelled out in the 1 gazillion other .NET-related news outlets, blogs, articles, papers, websites, forums, newsgroups, and so on – .NET 3.0 is out.  The “Windows SDK for Windows Vista” is now available for download.  Hmm, that name has obviously been approved by the Department of Redundancy…


Zip Library/Utility updated, works with JAR files now

I can’t believe I didn’t test this, but the Zip Library I built and posted a while ago was not working with Jar files.  I fixed it, I think it is working now.  Any problems, let me know. [Update, 2007 January 4: Someone asked in the comments how to extract a ZipEntry to a particular…


FastCGI on IIS

Bill Staples of Microsoft blogged on the newly announced partnership between Zend and Microsoft, one of the first deliverables is a FastCGI implementation on Windows and IIS, which allows PHP to run faster and more reliably on Windows.  Nice! -Dino    


Use Office 2003 XML Schema, no worries

In the past I’ve posted some articles [1, 2] about generating Office 2003 documents from a server-side Java application. I also posted some example code.  Of note, the Office 2003 XML Reference Schemas are now also available under the Open Specification Promise.   Basically, with the OSP, Microsoft irrevocably promises not to assert any Microsoft Necessary Claims…


Peter Galli of eWeek on Microsoft and its work on Interop

Editorial excerpt of the Week.  From an article mostly about Sender ID, a specification for e-mail authentication, Peter Galli commented on Microsoft’s recent work on interop: “Over the past four months Microsoft has announced a number of key interoperability activities focused on business and technical activities, including the establishment of an Interoperability Customer Executive Council,…