XMS whitepaper from IBM

part of an ongoing series of posts on JMS and .NET interop.

I just saw this while looking around for something else - IBM published a paper in late September on the XMS client library for their MQ brokers. I posted about this previously.  Essentially this is a .NET client for their MQ brokers, including an implementation of some stuff from JMS.   That means publish/subscribe capability, partly.  The new article offers some new info and clarifies a few things for me.  Specifically, when IBM says "MQ Brokers", they include the regular MQSeries in that.  Since CSD08 of MQ V5.3, IBM has offered a pub/sub capability in the base MQ.  So this XMS stuff works with that.  (IBM are now up to v6.0 of MQ.)

A nice interoperability option!  This fixes the JMS-is-not-interoperable issue I had raised previously

Remember, the  .NET client library for plain-old-MQ is a separate thing - that has been a part of IBM's MQ product since MQ5.3 CSD05.  But, what this XMS thing is, is a pub/sub client.  Something a little different. 


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