Working examples of Java/AXIS + .NET

Working examples of Apache AXIS (Java) webservices and .NET clients.

All of these use the "WSDL First" approach, which is the best approach for interop. The WSDL is specified first, and the server-side Java skeleton classes are then generated with AXIS' WSDL2Java tool.  The client-side stubs are generated from the WSDL, as well. 

Source is available for all of them.

Let me know what you think.  What other examples do you need?


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  1. Harsha says:

    I have been struggling to invoke a webservice method which returns any type of array from .net. Whenever I call a method for eg. string[] list() found in i get an error saying "Unhandled Exception:System.InvalidOperationException: There is an error in XML document (1, 349). —> System.InvalidOperationException: The specified type was not recognized: name=’string’, namespace=’htt.." what am I doing wrong here?

  2. cheeso says:

    did you follow the examples listed in this post?

    The .jws stuff is not going to give good interop.

  3. nmorrisii says:

    I can’t seem to access the links above. Is there an alternate url?

  4. Dharmesh says:

    I have url of Axis web service and i want to access it from C# (.net).

    1. Generate c# proxy class using wsdl url

    2. add class file in my project

    3. i am able to call axis web service method from c# code

    But i do not know how to set username and password before sending request

    the code

           MessageServiceNewService obj = new MessageServiceNewService();

           string sResponse;

           System.Net.NetworkCredential objCredentials = new System.Net.NetworkCredential("TST", "tst");

           Uri objUri = new Uri("");

           System.Net.ICredentials icred = objCredentials.GetCredential(objUri, "Basic");

           obj.Credentials = icred;                  

           obj.PreAuthenticate = true;

           sResponse = obj.receiveRequest("N", "XML Request");

    can you please suggest the way how can i ..?

  5. gilly says:


    I’m having problems creating a .NET client to access a simple axis web service. I’ve already add a web reference for the web service but something wrong happens when i invoke the methods …

    I have 2 methods on java class, it looks like this:

      /** Sample method


       public String hello(String a) {

           return "Hello" + a;


        public int add(int a, int b){

        return a+b;



    On .NET client i had the following code to invoke the service methods:

    HelloAxisWorld hello= new HelloAxisWorld();

    String temp1="";

    int temp2=0;

    temp1 = hello.hello("something");


    First, web service returns only "Hello" to temp1 and not ”Hello something”.

    Second, the method add is requesting for 6 input parameters instead of 2:

    (int a, bool aSpecified, int b, bool bSpecified, out int @ return, out bool returnSpecified)

    does anyone have some ideias how to solve this..?:S… what is missing to achieve interoperability between .NET and Axis Webservice?:S


  6. I’ve had some trouble with AXIS and .NET myself. Particularly when dealing with AXIS 1.3 which is known to have many bugs. I’m keeping a rolling log of solutions I find including manually changing the proxy.

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