Connection options for VS and .NET

Interop bonanza.  For those keeping score at home,

  • IBM has DB2 add-ins for VS, along with a DB2 managed ADO.NET provider. 
  • IBM also has Tivoli AccessManager for .NET
  • and MQ Classes for .NET
  • Oracle will soon shipp Oracle tool add-ins for Visual Studio to complement the ODP.NET ADO.NET data provider.(the tools are in beta2 now)
  • Sybase:  in the Visual Studio Industry Program, not sure of their ship plans.  
  • SAP provides the .NET Connector, and the Portal Development Kit for VS.
  • OTP Systems produces a Tuxedo connector for .NET.  No VS tool add-ins.
  • Lots of 3rd party VS add-ins for connecting to Mainframes
  • BizTalk Server has adapters for nearly everything.
  • WS-I has stipulated rules for web services interop
  • WSDL-First is being adopted as the right approach for interoperable web services.  Tools are emerging. 

Those things, as well as the COM interop and P/Invoke capabilities in .NET, get you from .NET to pretty much wherever you need to go.  But we always want more, don't we? 😉

What I would like to see:  

  • from IBM: dev tool add-ins for MQSeries, similar to what they provided for DB2
  • also from IBM: Visual Studio add-in for Lotus Notes

What's on your list?

Comments (1)

  1. K.E. McFeely says:

    Someone convince Terdata (NCR) to produce a ADO.Net data provider (that is fast and stable)…their ODBC and OLEDB offerings are not optimal for obvious reasons, but they have their share of quirks, as well as not performing very well. Some of us work in data warehouse shops that want to use .Net to get at the data and ETL to SQL Server is not an option.

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