CIO Mag article: the End of the Vendor Era

Scott Bertinato of CIO Magazine had an article in the December 11th issue entitled, “.Net, Web Services, and the End of the Vendor Era”. Ok, I know CIO is a business magazine and not very technical, but this particular piece is all about stuff near and dear to my heart: interop and .NET. There’s a…


How LINQ compares to EJB and others

This isn’t directly interop-related, but it is interesting enough to warrant mentioning. A new paper on MSDN , written by Ted Neward, examines Microsoft’s LINQ (Language Integrated Query),  and how it compares to other frameworks and approaches to mapping Objects to Data.  The big difference: with LINQ the focus is on query, whereas in EJB…


update to System.Transactions article

I have just updated the article on System.Transactions, originally penned by Juval Lowy and published in March 2005.  The update includes some clarifications and extensions to the original paper, especially around the Lightweight Transaction manager and how it works, and how it interacts with existing systems like Oracle database and IBM MQseries, which have not…


RSS icon – Does this count as interop?

The Microsoft RSS team announced that they’ve come to an agreement with Mozilla to use the same icon for RSS.  Does this count as interop?


Shutdown of UDDI Public Registry

Microsoft, along with IBM and SAP, announced they will close down their respective nodes in the public UDDI Business Registry, also known in our AHI as the UBR. [AHI = acronym-happy industry]  Microsoft’s UBR is here, IBM’s, etc).   The companies published a collective FAQ on the move.   In short, seems to me this is a…


System.Transactions and Timeout

This came up a couple of times recently, so I am posting it more broadly. Courtesy of Mike Clark and Jim Carley.  System.Transactions has two timeout values that you can specify in configuration files.  The default timeout for System.Transactions transactions is 1 minute.  You can set it in either app config, web config, or machine…


Oracle Advanced Queues and .NET

Over on the Code Project, CastorTiu posted an article about using Oracle Advanced Queues from within .NET.   I missed the article when it posted about a month ago, but I’m sure it will be interesting to .NET developers who use Oracle in mission-critical or transaction processing apps. Earlier in 2005, I think Oracle re-named the feature…


Open Source and Visual Studio

Subversion or CVS with VS.NET? Microsoft’s forthcoming Visual Studio Team System will include source code control, integrated defect tracking, testing, reports, and a bunch of other project management and project governance tools and capabilities. All built in and integrated. BUT! That does not mean that there are not other options, even open source options. AnkhSVN…


Interop and DateTime formatting

Interop and Date or Time values While many people have moved beyond the fundamentals and are working on secure, reliable, transacted webservices, or on adding those kinds of quality-of-service to other interop mechanisms, the fundamental data-type interop issues are still with us. Date and Time values are a case in point. One source of interop…


Interop Story featuring JNBridge

This just came across, a case study from Microsoft on interop.  KLA-Tencor.  Not much technical detail there, but if you are trying to convince your management that interop between Java and .NET is possible, it may provide some supporting evidence.