.NET CF connects to Java via CORBA

An article from the December issue of .NET Developer’s Journal discusses how to connect a device running the .NET Compact Framework with a Java back-end via CORBA.  This article uses MiddSol’s MinCor.NET, which is is an object request broker for the Compact Framework written in C#. It supports Windows Mobile, Windows XP Embedded, and Windows CE…


JNBridge Pro v2.2

JNBridge Pro v2.2 has been released.   New features include callbacks, pass-by-value and direct-mapped collections, BigDecimal-to-BigInteger mapping, DateTime-to-Date mapping.  http://www.jnbridge.com/2dot2.htm


Multi-language support, interop, and philosophy

I had a comment on the J# serialization post that I took as , “J# is insufficient to entice J2xE developers.”  J# isn’t really about enticing developers “away from” a different platform.  [ by my view, that is a pretty narrow way of looking at the world of developers anyway, as if there was only a…


Java and .NET – Java serialization vs XML

To recap – yesterday we all learned that Java and .NET can interop using Java serialization.  J# includes this capability, so serializing a J# class and shipping it over to a Java (JDK 1.4.1) app actually works.  The opposite direction also works.  The interesting question from yesterday was, how does the performance of interop using…


Java Serialization and .NET – There Really *is* a Santa Claus

Ah, yup, it works. You can take a single class (SomeType.java), marked with ISerializable, and then compile it twice – once with javac.exe, and once with vjc.exe.  Serialize from Java and you can de-serialize from J#.  and vice versa.  It works in both directions.   If you do this, the .NET app is not limited to…


Java serialization and .NET?

Quiz:  What do you think?    Java has a binary serialization format.  .NET has J#, which includes the JDK 1.1.4 class libraries, which includes Java serialization.  Will it be possible for a Java app running under JDK 1.4 to serialize an object graph to a stream, and then de-serialize that object graph in .NET?   We are…


on Java-to-.NET interop via JMS and MQSeries

While looking around I found two articles, from SYS-CON’s WebSphere Developer’s Journal,  covering J2EE and .NET interop via MQSeries. part 1: http://sys-con.com/story/?storyid=43430&DE=1#RES part 2: http://sys-con.com/story/?storyid=43452&DE=1#RES These articles reference ma7p, the IBM supportpac, which is no longer available.  ma7p has graduated into the MQSeries product.  Upgrade to MQ V5.3 + CSD05 or later to get the…