The .NET Language Strategy

The .NET Language Strategy I am constantly aware of the enormous impact our language investments have on so many people’s daily lives. Our languages are a huge strength of the .NET platform, and a primary factor in people choosing to bet on it – and stay on it. I’ve been here on the .NET languages… Read more

Tuple Tuesday!

One of the central features we’re trying to add to both VB and C# in the near future is tuples. If you’ve never heard of a tuple it’s a primitive data structure for combining values together that many other programming languages have supported for years, including .NET’s F#, but has been suspiciously absent from Visual… Read more

Happy 25th Birthday, VB!

That’s right! Today marks the 25th (“Silver Anniversary”) since VB first debuted to the world. It seems like just yesterday I’d only been at Microsoft a little over a year when VB turned 20. Looking back at the progress of 5 years—a complete revamp of the IDE and debugger, a trove of new language features,… Read more

What’s New in Visual Studio Update 1 for .NET Managed Languages

Hold on to your hats, cowboys and cowgirls! A lot of exciting things are coming out of the .NET Managed Languages team for Visual Studio 2015 Update 1. Read on to learn more about new IDE features, interactive C#, new code analysis management, Visual F# improvements, and the new F5 experience for Roslyn open source… Read more