Immutable collections ready for prime time

Today I’m very happy to announce that we released the stable version of the Microsoft.Bcl.Immutable NuGet package. We also published the MSDN documentation on immutable collections. Thank you! Nine months ago, we shipped the first preview of immutable collections. This was one of the first BCL features that we decided to ship early and often… Read more

Immutable collections are now RC

Over the past several months, we’ve been working on a new set of collection types that offer an immutable design. Today we are happy to announce that we are one step closer to a stable version of this work: we’ve just shipped the release candidate (1.0.23 RC) of the Microsoft.Bcl.Immutable NuGet package. Because we could:… Read more

Updated NuGet Support in Visual Studio 2012.4

As Brian Harry recently announced, there will be a Visual Studio 2012 Update 4. With RC2, we’ve updated the NuGet support. In this blog post, I’ll summarize those improvements. Updated NuGet Client The RTM version of Visual Studio 2012 included a fairly old version of the NuGet client (2.0). Although the NuGet team regularly ships… Read more

NuGet Package Restore with Team Foundation Build

Note: This post is now also part of the official NuGet documentation. In this post, I’ll provide a walkthrough on how to use package restore with Team Foundation Build with both, git as well TF version control. In our previous blog post on how we improved package restore, I showed that NuGet 2.7 and Microsoft.Bcl.Build… Read more

Portable Compression is now stable

Today we are happy to announce that our portable compression library is now available as a stable NuGet package. Microsoft.Bcl.Compression Microsoft.Bcl.Compression provides the following APIs in a portable fashion: Compression streams (Deflate & gzip) Reading and writing ZIP archives It’s supported on the following platforms: .NET Framework 4.5 .NET for Windows Store apps Windows Phone… Read more

Improved Package Restore

As we’ve previously explained we receive various reports on how our NuGet packages don’t play nicely with NuGet’s package restore feature. In this blog post I’ll talk about an update we shipped to our infrastructure package Microsoft.Bcl.Build that reduces the impact. The Issue To recap, some of our packages need to participate in the build… Read more

HttpClient 2.2 is now stable

As promised, we’ve just pushed the RTM version of HttpClient 2.2 to NuGet. This version adds support for automatic decompression. As announced here, this doesn’t require a dependency on Microsoft.Bcl.Compression. This allowed us to support automatic decompression on more platforms and without forcing your projects to change the CPU architecture. It’s worth noting that we… Read more

HttpClient 2.2 is now RC

Today we are happy to announce the next step in providing a portable HttpClient with automatic decompression: we just pushed the RC version to NuGet. From Beta to RTM We haven’t changed much since the beta we shipped three weeks ago – simply because we didn’t have to. In general we follow these steps when… Read more

Update to HttpClient and Automatic Decompression

Two weeks ago, we published a beta of HttpClient that provides support for automatic decompression. Since then, we’ve received a fair amount of feedback, especially around the fact that it relies on a native implementation of compression that isn’t available on the same platforms as HttpClient. Today, we’ve published another beta of HttpClient that will… Read more

Portable Compression and HttpClient Working Together

Today we’re happy to announce that we released two NuGet packages: A brand new Microsoft.Bcl.Compression (Beta). A portable compression library that supports stream based compression (gzip, deflate) as well as ZIP archives. An updated Microsoft.Net.Http 2.2 (Beta). Last week we shipped an RTM version. Today, we released a new beta that provides automatic decompression by… Read more