Social Engineering

When people in our industry use the term “social engineering” they are usually referring to security attacks. Politicians and lobbyists would mean something entirely different too. But that’s not what I will talk about here. Instead, I’ll talk about the kind of social life we’ve around in our team. Why am I using the term… Read more

.NET Memory Allocation Profiling with Visual Studio 2012

This post was written by Stephen Toub, a frequent contributor to the Parallel Programming in .NET blog. He shows us how Visual Studio 2012 and an attention to detail can help you discover unnecessary allocations in your app that can prevent it from achieving higher performance. Visual Studio 2012 has a wealth of valuable functionality,… Read more

.NET Framework Documentation Improvements

The CLR documentation team has been busy responding to feedback and making updates and changes to the .NET Framework documentation in the MSDN Library. We would like to tell you about the most recent set of document updates, which were published earlier in February. Performance content We have received extensive customer feedback regarding the importance… Read more

C# is the “Language of the Year”

It’s a great way to start a new year: the PYPL index has named C# the language of the year. This index focuses on the leading indicator of learning a language. It’s nice to see that there’s been increased interest in C# over the past year. In the spirit of learning something new, here’s what… Read more

Talking about .NET in the Community Press

We follow a lot of blogs and digital papers relating to both .NET and also technology in general. There is a lot of great content that gets published every day about .NET. We’re starting a new series to publish these great links, doing our part to help give that content a larger audience. For this… Read more

Asynchronous Programming for Windows Store Apps: .NET is up to the Task

Programming with async and await is the driving force behind delivering “fast and fluid” user experiences. Compiler diagnostics for async APIs guide developers towards best practices – it’s a wonderful example of platform and tooling working together. Since the Windows Runtime uses a slightly different implementation for async programming than .NET, Greg Paperin – a… Read more

Building Windows Store Apps with .NET

For .NET developers, this is the best time to build client apps. Never before have the Windows APIs been so easy to use from C# or Visual Basic without wrapping them with custom libraries. So far, we’ve seen some amazing apps in the Windows Store built using C#. Richard Lander, program manager for the CLR… Read more

Introducing NETCF 3.9 in Windows Embedded Compact 2013 – a faster, leaner and multi-core runtime!

Ever since .NET Compact Framework was introduced at the PDC conference in 2001, programming with .NET has scaled from some of the smallest devices to the largest servers. With C# and Visual Basic, developers can apply the same skills to program both devices and servers to form a complete end-to-end solution. As the devices become… Read more

Scaling cloud apps with the .NET Framework 4.5

The .NET Framework 4.5 is now available on Windows Azure. Thank you to everyone cheering for this moment. We’re just starting to see the possibilities that a rich developer framework like the .NET Framework and the cloud can have together. Richard Lander, a program manager for the Common Language Runtime, explains a few best practices… Read more