.NET Framework August 2018 Preview of Quality Rollup

Last Updated 9/7/2018: Documented missing WPF updates Today, we are releasing the August 2018 Preview of Quality Rollup. Quality and Reliability This release contains the following quality and reliability improvements. ASP.NET Resolves an issue where an ASP.NET web application is continuously running under high load on high-end web server(40+ CPU cores), it may suffer high… Read more

.NET Core August 2018 Update

Today, we are releasing the .NET Core August 2018 Update. This update includes .NET Core 2.1.3 and .NET Core SDK 2.1.401. Getting the Update The latest .NET Core updates are available on the .NET Core download page. See the .NET Core 2.1.3 release notes for details on the release including a detailed commit list. Docker… Read more

Bing.com runs on .NET Core 2.1!

Bing.com is a cloud service that runs on thousands of servers spanning many datacenters across the globe. Bing servers handle thousands of users’ queries every second from consumers around the world doing searches through their browsers, from our partners using the Microsoft Cognitive Services APIs, and from the personal digital assistant, Cortana. Our users demand… Read more

.NET Core SDK 2.1.400 Update

We released .NET Core 2.1.400-SDK. See .NET Core 2.1.400-SDK release notes for complete details on the release. Quality Updates CLI A full list of the changes in this update can be found in the commit list. Getting the Update The .NET Core 2.1.400-SDK August 2018 Update is available from the .NET Core 2.1.400-SDK download page. You… Read more

Announcing F# 4.5

Today, we’re incredibly pleased to announce general availability of F# 4.5. This post will walk through the changes in F# 4.5 (just like the preview post), then show some updates to F# tooling, and finally talk a bit about where what we’re thinking about for the next F# version. Get started F# 4.5 can be… Read more

.NET Framework August 2018 Security and Quality Rollup

Today, we are releasing the August 2018 Security and Quality Rollup.  This release also addressed the July issues explained in KB 4345913 and Advisory on July 2018 .NET Framework Updates. Security CVE-2018-8360 – Windows Information Disclosure Vulnerability This update resolves an information disclosure vulnerability in Microsoft .NET Framework that could allow an attacker to access information in… Read more

Advisory serializing/deserializing a CultureAwareComparer with .NET Framework 4.6+

An issue with serializing/deserializing a CultureAwareComparer was discovered with .NET Framework 4.7.1. This issue was resolved earlier this year, with the May 2018 Preview of Quality Rollup. We recently learned that some applications, including Johnson Controls’ C-CURE 9000 Software, were negatively impacted by this change as this update requires all client and server workstations to be updated simultaneously with… Read more

Are your Windows Forms and WPF applications ready for .NET Core 3.0?

Download Portability Analyzer (2.37 MB) At Build 2018 we announced that we are enabling Windows desktop applications (Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Framework (WPF)) with .NET Core 3.0. You will be able to run new and existing Windows desktop applications on .NET Core and enjoy all the benefits that .NET Core has to offer, such as application-local… Read more

Announcing ML.NET 0.4

A few months ago we released ML.NET 0.1 at //Build 2018., ML.NET is a cross-platform, open source machine learning framework for .NET developers. We’ve gotten great feedback so far and would like to thank the community for your engagement as we continue to develop ML.NET together in the open. We are happy to announce the… Read more

Tiered Compilation Preview in .NET Core 2.1

If you are a fan of .NET performance there has been a lot great news lately such as Performance Improvements in .NET Core 2.1 and Announcing .NET Core 2.1, but we’ve got more. Tiered compilation is a significant new performance feature that we are making available as a preview for anyone to try out, starting… Read more