Announcing the release of the .NET Framework for Windows Phone 8

Bringing the full power of the Windows based CLR and .NET Framework to the Windows Phone has been several years in the making. The .NET capabilities introduced with Windows Phone 8 builds upon many of the investments we’ve made across all platforms and years of incubation. This release truly highlights some of the enduring themes… Read more

An easy solution for improving app launch performance

Over the last ten years of building the .NET runtime, quite a number of assumptions have changed. Early on we could assume that most computer users only had one processor. Today, the assumption is that you have at least two processors. While including parallelism in an app for performance challenges most developers, what if that… Read more

.NET Framework 4.5 – Off to a great start

The .NET Framework just passed 3 million downloads. During this time, we’ve been monitoring your experience, paying attention to both telemetry and social traffic. One of the first things I do every morning is read through all the Twitter traffic about .NET. Many others on the .NET team do the same. If you’ve raised an… Read more

Improvements in .NET Framework Setup for Developers, IT Pros, and Users

The only experience most Microsoft customers have with the .NET Framework is the deployment and installation experience, which is why we spend so much time analyzing opportunities to improve it. For .NET 4.5, our goal was to build a product that was equivalent to a service pack with additional features. Our team studied how other… Read more

Improving Your App’s Performance with PerfView

Late last year, Vance Morrison, who is currently an architect on the .NET Framework Performance team, released PerfView, which is a new performance tool for .NET developers. PerfView helps you discover and investigate performance hotspots in .NET Framework apps, and enables you to deliver consistently high-performance apps to your customers. Using PerfView, you can perform… Read more