CLR Inside Out – New Features and Improved Performance in Silverlight 4

Sorry for the late notice, but October installment of the “CLR Inside Out” column in MSDN Magazine is available on line. This month we have an article from Andrew Pardoe and Justin Van Patten on the move to a new CoreCLR for Silverlight 4. The article specifically covers new GC capabilities, improved startup performance, and… Read more

Is That the Right Version of Mscoreei.dll?

After installing .NET 4.0 or later you may notice something a little unusual about your .NET processes. Here is a partial list of the loaded modules of a simple “Hello World” executable compiled with the .NET 2.0 compiler. start end module name 60f00000 61491000 mscorwks C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\mscorwks.dll 6c650000 6c6b6000 mscoreei C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\mscoreei.dll 6d420000 6d46a000 MSCOREE C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\MSCOREE.DLL 75a80000… Read more

In-Proc SxS and Migration Quick Start

  This post is meant to help you understand what runtime in-process side-by-side is, how to think about it, how to use it, and how it affects application and component migration to the .NET 4 Runtime. This post is relevant to you if you use native runtime activation APIs, depend on specific runtime activation behaviors,… Read more

CLR Inside Out – F# Fundamentals

The new installment of the “CLR Inside Out” column in MSDN Magazine is now available on line.  This month we have an article from Luke Hoban of the F# team on F# Fundamentals.  The article gives an overview of the language, and details how F# takes advantage of various features in the CLR. You can… Read more

CLR Inside Out – Production Diagnostics Improvements in CLR 4

  The new installment of the “CLR Inside Out” column in MSDN Magazine is now available on line.  This month we have an article from Jon Langdon on Production Diagnostics Improvements in CLR 4.  This article talks about some of the new diagnostics features we added in .NET Framework 4 and focuses on how they… Read more

NGen: Walk-through Series

The CLR Code Generation team blog has a series of new posts featuring hands-on style content around how to use the NGen technology and how to measure performance benefits from it. You can find the series here…. Read more


As hopefully most of you know, Microsoft has a site called Connect where customers can log bugs and suggestions (  Issues for .NET can be found in the Visual Studio and .NET Framework feedback category ( and can be logged from the main Visual Studio Connect page (  One of the complaints we often hear… Read more

BCL CodePlex Site Launch

Today the BCL Team is launching a CodePlex site to host samples, previews, and prototypes.  You can find it at This is a site for the BCL Team to get features to customers to try out without requiring a Beta or CTP of the .NET Framework.  Our goal is to put generally useful functionality… Read more

Developer Productivity Survey – Help us build the right product!

With .NET 4 on the verge of being released, we have started working on how we can make the .NET platform even better suit your needs. We have come up with a survey focusing on overall application development lifecycle productivity and some specific areas where we have gotten customer feedback in the past like complexity… Read more