CLR-Related PDC 2009 Sessions

If you’re at PDC this year and are reading the CLR Team’s blog, there are a few sessions that might be of interest to you.   ·         Future of Garbage Collection is a session by the creator of the CLR’s GC, Patrick Dussud.  Come hear him talk Wednesday at 1:00PM in Petree Hall C. ·        … Read more

How to Make the Most of Your .NET Server Code

One of our team’s field engineers recently sent a link to a Channel 9 video: Steve Michelotti of e.magination on High Performance Web Solutions. This company built a 64-bit web server that handles over 3 billion transactions a day and guarantees a 250 ms response time.  And it goes without saying that they built it… Read more

CLR Inside Out – Exploring the .NET Framework 4 Security Model

  The new installment of the “CLR Inside Out” column in MSDN Magazine is now available on line.  This month we have an article from Andrew Dai on Exploring the .NET Framework 4 Security Model.  This article discusses how the new .NET Framework 4 security model makes it easier to work with partially trusted code…. Read more