This is meant to be an organic document that grows over time.  If the term you are looking for is not in this a list, you should look at the DDK docs Class Driver:  A driver, usually written by Microsoft, which generically controls devices of a certain class.  For instance, cdrom.sys controls all CD ROM…



If you would like me to write about a topic that relates to WDM, the kernel, debugging, WDF, KMDF, UMDF, or anything that I have refered to in other entries, please add a comment to this entry.  Comments will be cleared out periodically if there is enough traffic.


PDOs, part 1

Definition:  A PDO is a Physical Device Object. This entry is not going into how to enumerate a PDO or the rules involved in PDO enumeration and management. There are two types of PDOs.  A raw PDO and a PDO which is not raw (e.g. cooked).  Assume that the term “PDO” always refers to a…


KMDF v1.1 announced and it supports Windows 2000!

We’ve been working on it since we RTW’ed v1.0 late last year and v1.1 is now “official.”  V1.1 contains minor bug fixes and, most importantly, official support for Windows 2000.  Internally, the team wanted this in v1.0, but there was a snag or two along the way.  Needless to say, the community push back on…



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