Developing Drivers with the Windows® Driver Foundation, i.e. the WDF book, is apparently out of print

Looks like the going price on Amazon is >$250 :(.  The good news is that you can still get the book as an e-book at O'Reilly,, or at Safari, for around $50.  Not as convenient as a hard copy IMHO, but it is better than nothing or spending $250.

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  1. Michael Wrobel says:

    As I was looking for a replacement for the classic, Developing Windows NT Device Drivers – A Programmer's Handbook (Edward N. Dekker & Joseph M. Newcomer) – April 1999.

    I noticed that there is another book titled Windows 7 – Device Driver (Addison Wesley Microsoft Technology Series) by Ronald Reeves.   From the Review, it discusses (WDF), UMDF and KMDF etc.   It is released in Nov 2010.     It is paperback and 384 pages.

    I have not had a chance to order it or read through it.     I thought I would pass on the info in response to this blog entry in case anyone is interested.     I did not see any reviews on Amazon for it yet.

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