A must have book for any Windows developer

I saw a book,  Advanced Windows Debugging, in the Microsoft company store and quickly read through it. It looked pretty awesome in the level of detail and breadth that it covered.  I ordered my own copy and I think it would be an invaluable resource for anyone who develops drivers or applications on Windows.  I learn something new everytime I read it.


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  1. Evilcry says:


    Yeah I agree with you is a really good book, a must to rafine Driver Debugging 😉

    Have a nice Day,


  2. I looked at the book when it came out, and did not see anything for driver dev’s.  Then I asked the authors on microsoft.public.windbg, and they said the book was really not for driver debugging.

    Yes, it is an ok book on debugging and some aspects of Windbg/KD, but what makes it a must have for the driver dev?

  3. mattd says:

    Why no blog entries? Your starting to get lame again=). I’d love to here about more KMDF stuff. Design patterns enabled by KMDF(queues,parenting and all that good stuff). The WDM topics are ok but KMDF stuff would be great. I’m sure your busy, but you seemed to blog a lot more when you were knee deep in KMDF development. Thanks Doron.


  4. you are right i, ihave not been writing lately.  things got a little crazy and i did not have any time for the writing.  i will address that this week 😉


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