I can’t imagine how much work it would be to actually /write/ a book

All I can say is that it is a ton of work to review one.  We just finished all of the reviews for the WDF book and man was it alot of work!  We have an awesome set of writers, I really don't know how they managed it all.  From creating the content, taking a ton of feedback and edits from a large number of people, and keeping the same voice throughout, the writers worked tirelessly to make it happen.  I could have never imagined how much work was involved on all sides of the equation.

Go buy the book when it comes out!  ... and no I don't get any royalties, I just think that if you are writing a WDF driver (either UMDF or KMDF), this is a must read. 

This also explains why I have not been posting for the past few weeks or so.  I promise that things will pick up again!

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