Where do I ask driver related questions?

This is a very common question.  There are a few resources at your disposal

  • Read the Microsoft public newsgroups, especially microsoft.public.development.device.drivers

  • Search the web, somebody has probably already asked your question

  • Ask me 😉 (but please don't email me, keep it public so that others can see the response)

  • Join the NTDEV alias which is run by OSR

This list is far from definitive, but does offer a good starting point.

Comments (2)

  1. Dmitryg says:

    Hi, Doron.

    There is a function I was not able to find in the WDF DDK. How can a child object get a reference of it’s parent?

    Is it possible at all?

    I have a WDFMEMORY object and I want to retrieve it’s parent.


  2. There is no generic WdfObjectGetParent function call.  if you need the parent object of the WDFMEMORY you need to store it in a context on the WDFMEMORY.


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