I have been quiet over the past 2 weeks

A few reasons.  First, I have been in a lot of all day meetings which ate up all my time.  Second, sudoku is pretty addictive ;).  Third, did you hear that Seattle and the pacific northwest has been hit by snow (yes the video is from Portland, but still...)?  Snow is definitely a four letter word in my book after the past week ;).

Comments (2)

  1. pat.man says:

    *sigh* You’re giving those of us in Washington a bad rap by showing how bad PDX drivers are. 😉

  2. The video is almost comical though.  I think if you intentionally tried to, you could not hit as many cars as the SUV did by bouncing down the street.  I knew Seattle’s respectability was out the window when Al Roker made fun of Seattle’s 1 inch of snow on the Today show and how the entire town was shut down ;).


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