The Vista party is today. Schweet, I finally get to attend another ship party!

Well, 5 long years later, Vista is out the door. Barely time to breath and enjoy it though, Longhorn Server (sorry for the mixup, the next server release apparently does not have a name yet...what do I know, I am just a developer 😉 ) work is already underway, but today is the Vista ship party so no work for me today (after my next blog post). Even though I have worked on Windows since Windows 2000, this will on be my second ship party. I was able to attend the Windows 2000 ship party and then for a variety of reasons (honeymoon, Bluetooth unplugfest) I have missed the XP and Server 2003 parties. No big loss, but it is always nice to be able to vent and relax after you word so hard.

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