WDM to KMDF porting guide now available on WHDC

We have been working on this one for the last couple of weeks.  There is now a WDM to KMDF porting guide on WHDC.  There are 2 documents in the download.  The first is a very in depth document which goes into great detail about each function, IRP major code, etc that you need to port over.  The second is a set of tables that will help you with the porting. This second document is much shorter then the first.  The tables map from KMDF function groupings to WDM concepts and also try to map in the other direction, from WDM to KMDF.

Please let me know if the docs are useful or if you find anything confusing.

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  1. strik says:

    Thanks for the links, the articles are very interesting, though I have not had a deep look yet.

    But I want to ask something about the "format" of the articles: Is it some Microsoft policy to give such documents as self-extracting DOC files? IMHO, this only helps in people getting used to download and start .EXE files from the web, which is counter-productive from a security point of view. Additionally, even .DOC files with their ability to contain macros are not best suited to be opened when they are got from unknown sources.

    Security people try to teach each and everyone not to trust .EXE or .DOC they got in mails or from the WWW, but you still give files in this format.

    Additionally, Word documents have another drawback: They do not work completely correct when the user (me) uses another language version of Word than you. For example, in the headline, I get the error message "Fehler! Formatvorlage nicht definiert!", because you have a "STYLEREF  Title  * MERGEFORMAT" in there. Unfortunately, "Title" does not exist on my German language Word version. To make the file output correct, I have to change it to "Titel" (notice the order of the last two chars), as it is called here in German. If I change this by hand, I get a "Summary of KMDF and WDM Equivalents" instead of the error message.

    I did not notice any other problems in these two files, but I am very bored correcting errors of this kind in Microsoft documents… (or printing them out and having "Fehler! XXX" all over it.)

    I am almost sure you are the wrong person to tell this, but I had to tell this, anyway. 😉

  2. strik, i forwarded your feedback to the WHDC doc folks.  While we cannot change the doc formats for all Microsoft.com content, we can change the WHDC docs.  the WHDC folks will be fixing the doc generation process so that this particular issue with the Title field will be fixed in future documents.  Please let me know if there are any other fields that need to be fixed.



  3. BryanK says:

    Would it be possible to use something like PDF instead of self-extracting-EXE-containing-a-DOC-file as a format?

    I, for one, would like to be able to read this kind of thing from non-Windows boxes, where Word is not installed and PE-format EXE files won’t run.  (And that’s apart from the security issues that strik points out, where we try to train users to *not* automatically run or open everything they see on the web.)

    If not, that’s fine, but it can’t hurt to ask.  😉

  4. strik says:

    Doron, thanks for forwarding this. I had a closer look, but I did not notice anything other than this problem.

    I think Bryan has a point in asking whether PDF or something similar is possible. In fact, this was what I meant with my first posting, too. Of course, I know that PDF is not the best format, either.

    For me, even .TXT would do. 🙂

    – Spiro

  5. There are alot of guidelines that dictate how any docs on microsoft.com are posted, getting these changed is not something that can happen overnight ;).  The doc team knows that folks want the docs in other formats and is weighing their different options.

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