What did you think of WinHEC?

First, it was great to meet some of you who are reading my blog in person.  It's always nice to have faces behind the names.

For those of you attended WinHEC, what did you think?  Did you learn some interesting things or was it a waste of time or somewhere in the middle?  For me and the KMDF team, it was a mellow WinHEC.  We didn't have any presentations this year, just our 4 hour lab on Wednesday which was full the entire time.  Outside of that, I just talked to folks on the floor and at "Ask the Experts."  I didn't get a real feel for the rest of the conference, so how was it?  What did you like?  What did you not like (outside of the food 🙂 )? What was missing that you wish was there?


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  1. Ray Trent says:

    I thought WinHEC this year was better than last year, though perhaps I had reduced expectation due to the lack of a DDC. Lots of good swag at the expo 🙂 Unlike last year, no one at Microsoft this year thought that a tool containing a knife would make a good gimme for people about to jump on a plane :-). .

    I thought the hands-on labs were great. It’s one thing to hear about a technology (generally a pretty boring thing after the first few slides :-), it’s a different thing entirely to play with it and have people that understand it close to hand to answer questions. Obviously the depth one can get to in such a short lab is limited, but for new technologies that’s vastly better than nothing.

    Seriously, though, keeping the connections up with the devs (MS and otherwise) has always been the best thing about WinHEC/DDC. And there were a reasonably large number of relevant MS devs and PMs there this year.

    And somehow I subtly had my confidence raised in terms of Vista actually being released eventually, possibly even close to (the current view of) on time :-). Probably announcing Beta 2 had something to do with that.

  2. The balance between a session and a lab is a fine one.  Every year we struggle to figure out what people want for the 2 of them.  Also, once we decide on the amount of lab time, it is hard to gauge if it should be instructor led or self taught.  Different folks want different things and it is sometimes hard to find the sweet spot ;).  I am glad you enjoyed WinHEC this year.  

    I am somewhat sad that there was no DDC this year in terms of just focusing in on the driver developers (vs the broader audience that attends WinHEC), but the additional conference (even if it runs at the same time) requires alot more work from us and we could not afford that time this year (although this was not the only reason DDC was not scheduled this year).

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