Building Web Sites that Work Everywhere

I have presented on multiple conferences on Building Web Sites that Work Everywhere.  Many of you have asked me for presentation.  Here is the detail.


How to build web sites that work well across various browsers versions and devices is always challenging for web developers. In the session, you’ll learn the best practices and strategy to develop cross-browser web sites that will work with the existing and future browsers. Tools for interoperability tests, cross-browser fundamentals, and tips and tricks on HTML5, CSS, JavaScript development will be illustrated. Feature detection, CSS prefix, and fallbacks will all be examined in the session. A real life example will be used to demonstrate step by step how to build cross-browser and plug-in-Free experiences. With a couple of simple changes to your sites, you can take advantage of web standards and HTML5 features today without breaking your sites in the future. Expect a lot of demos and code in the session.


If you are migrating your website onto Microsoft new browser Edge and run into some problems, please contact me so I can help you further.


Coming up soon.
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