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Course Description:

Want to maximize the performance of your modern websites and apps with JavaScript and HTML5? This course Practical Performance Tips to Make Your HTML/JavaScript Fast has the practical strategies, tips, and tricks you need, along with helpful demos and best practice guidelines. Watch this team of experts for a detailed look at how to write fast JavaScript. Explore the fundamentals of web performance, tools for monitoring and measuring JavaScript/HTML speed, and techniques to optimize media usage. Plus, get a look at memory and UI performance in a game case study, and see how to structure markup efficiently.

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Note, the course is separated into modules and each module is separated into sessions.  You can watch one session at a time for as short as 10 minutes.  The course will remember where you are and you can continue from the watch.

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Details of the Course:

Module 1: Web Performance 101

We will introduce the fundamentals of web performance, the methodology of performance tuning, and the common pitfalls you should avoid in performance optimization.

Module 2: Tools and Measurement

We will introduce tools that will can monitor and measure your JavaScript/HTML performance.

Module 3: Strategies and Principles: Network Requests, Bytes Downloaded

We will explore the strategies and principles on how to quickly respond to network requests, and techniques on how to minimize bytes downloaded.

Module 4: Strategies and Principles: Media Usage

We will explore the tips and tricks on how to optimize media usage and how to take advantage of CSS3.

Module 5: Strategies and Principles: Memory, Markup, Execution

In this module, we will continue to examine how to manage the memory usage, how to structure the markup efficiently, and how to optimize execution.

Module 6: Write Fast JavaScript

How to write good and fast JavaScript? We will show you how to initialize JavaScript on demand and how to work efficiently with JSON, .innerHTML,, numbers, arrays, and DOM objects.

Module 7: Case Study: Casual Game performance tuning

A casual game is used to demonstrate step by step how to improve startup time, UI responsiveness, and memory efficiency based on the strategies, principles and best practices we have learned in the previous modules.

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    I watched your course on MVA, it was really helpful to me.

    Thanks a lot for sharing wroth knowledge with the world.

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