Latest Trends in Web Development

I presented “Latest Trends in Web Development” at She’s Geeky Conference last weekend.  It’s very well received and many of the attendees are asking for the presentation slides.  I am sharing it here. 

In the talk, it starts with highlighting the new HTML5 and CSS3 features in modern browsers, then it illustrate how easy it is to convert a web application to a modern app.  Finally it introduces Apache Cordova project and how feasible it is to leverage the web content (HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript) and convert it into an app that will run cross platforms on Android, iOS and Windows.

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  1. Dennis D. from Texas says:

    Hello Dr. Chen:

    Do you like the Dr. title when people address you?  Just wondering.  I'm newly over 65 years old.  People in my age and experience are looking at developing websites.  This is good I think because so many small businesses need something online.  The big question is:  How much will it cost on an annual basis.  Suppose I'm pulling in $35k strictly from website design and development in my small home business.  I am using Microsoft Office online for client communications and personal notes, and want to develop using Visual Studio (Microsoft products) at home.  My websites are hosted at a hosting service, cost is not considered here, but it uses IIS, MSSQL, and Microsoft Server.  What would be my annual costs to support development using MS technology in these areas?  Real U.S. dollar amounts without a lot of ambiguity would be most helpful.

    Thank you Dr. Chen.

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