New Incentive: Bring your game made with Unity to Windows Store and Windows Phone

Unity makes it easy for you. Now Microsoft is sweetening the deal for the talented and committed Unity developers who want to bring their existing Unity titles to Windows Store and Windows Phone. With a new incentive offer, Microsoft is supporting the creation and launch of the best made-with-Unity games and apps on Windows Phone/Windows Store. The new offer helps to clear the way for talented and committed Unity developers to reach millions of new players and users.



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The incentive offer provides two levels of benefits:

Windows Store

  • Free Dev Center account for Windows and Windows Phone stores

  • Free Microsoft Windows 8 Pro License

  • 1 Developer device (phone or tablet)

  • Priority review for store promotion

Windows Store

  • Level 1 benefits + the following

  • 1,000,000 impressions ad package on Adduplex

  • 1 more Developer device (phone or tablet)

  • Feature placement on the Windows made with Unity Gallery

  • Access to technical assistance

How to qualify:

    1. Any Unity developer using Unity 4 to develop their games and apps can apply.

    2. Applicants are required to have experience with shipping games and apps on mobile platforms.

    3. The content that is submitted for review needs to stand out: it needs to be innovative, interesting, and different from the other games and apps in its genre.

    4. Existing games have received 3+ star ratings, with a significant amount of downloads

    5. Some benefits may not be available in some countries, check the Terms and Conditions.

    Get familiar with Windows Store and Windows Phone by reading the porting guides which cover everything you need to know about configurations, SDKs, general considerations and first steps.

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