Develop High Performance Windows 8 Application with HTML5 and JavaScript | Best Practices & Tips

I presented “Develop High Performance Windows 8 Application with HTML5 and JavaScript” to San Francisco & Silicon Valley Web Performance Group.  A lot of developers are asking for the presentation, demo and resources, so I post all the information in this blog.


Creating high performance apps is crucial for every developer. Come to learn How to make your HTML5 apps fast and responsive on Windows 8 platform. In this session, first we will start with the overview of Windows 8 and then introduce how to develop Windows 8 using HTML5 and JavaScript. We will explore the best practices and performance tricks to make your Windows 8 applications running faster.



  • Best practices for Windows 8 apps using JavaScript

  • Windows 8 Camp in a Box hands on labs, tutorials, and learning resources

  • One Page Resources for Developing Windows Store apps using JavaScript

  • Free E-book: Programming Windows 8 Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (by Kraig Brockschmidt)

  • Windows 8 App Development training for HTML5 Developers

  • Windows 8 JavaScript Sample Code

  • Windows 8 and Tools Download

  • Windows 8 Dev Center


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