Get up to $2000: Incentive for Publishing Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Apps


Enter Today to get your $100 (per app) up to $2000*

Keep the Cash • Publish an app • Get up to $2000*

Publish your app(s) in the Windows Store and/or Windows Phone Store and fill out the form to participate. You can submit up to 10 apps per Store and get $100 for each qualified app up to $2000.

*Offer good only to the first 10,000 qualified applications published in the Windows Store and/or Windows Phone Store, or until the end of the promotional period, whichever comes first.  Limit 10 entries per publisher ID and up to $2,000 per person. 

How does it work?

· Publish your app to the Windows Store and/or Windows Phone Store between March 8, 2013 through June 30, 2013

· Submit up to 10 published apps per Store and get a $100 Virtual Visa® for each one that qualifies

Who is eligible?

Below is a summary. READ THE FULL T&Cs for all the details.

Developers are eligible to enter this contest if they meet the following requirements at time entry:

· Legal resident of the 50 United States and District of Columbia 18 years of age or older;

· 10 apps per Store for the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store may be submitted. Each app you submit to a single platform must be substantially unique and different.

Enter Today to get your $100 (per app) up to $2000*

Comments (8)

  1. Mehdi says:

    I am in Canada, Toronto. Am I eligible?

  2. Doris Chen says:

    No, it says very clearly in the eligible part: "Legal resident of the 50 United States and District of Columbia 18 years of age or older".  However, you may find some promotion in Canada from your local Microsfot branch.

  3. K says:

    "May not be combined with other app offers with the exception of offers within the App Builder Program."  from the terms and conditions.

    I am currently participating in the Windows 8 App Challenge ( for students. Does this mean we can't submit the same app to both?

  4. Dr. K. says:

    If an app was submitted and accepted on the Windows Store as part of this offer, could the same app be reworked and submitted to the Windows Phone Store and also qualify even though the two apps would be substantially similar?  Based on what I read, the answer is yes, although it is not specifically stated.

  5. Doris Chen says:

    To K, You are right, you can't use the same app for both programs.  However, after the Student Wins8App Challenge program is over (4/11), you can submit for this $2000 cash program.

  6. Doris Chen says:

    To Dr. K:  If you submit the apps for different stores (Windows 8 and Windows Phone), I think it should be fine.  I will double check for you.

  7. Dr. K. says:

    Hi Doris, any response from the double checking on this?

  8. Doris Chen says:

    Dr. K,

    It's probably the best if you can post your question on  so you can get the answer directly from the one who runs the program.



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