Upcoming Cross Platform App Hackathon (Free)

Sign up at http://crossplatform-apphackathon.eventbrite.com Now!

Here's your opportunity to try out the new Apps Frameworks to support cross-platform, Windows 8, Windows 8 Phone, iOS and Android. You'll get a chance to build amazing apps with experts from different app frameworks and Microsoft on hand to answer questions, plus awesome prizes for the best apps on Windows 8.

If you're a web programmer, you'll be able to build native apps using HTML5 and JavaScript. If you just started on programming, don’t worry, we have app frameworks to get you started with no-coding experience required. Don't have Windows on your laptop? Microsoft will provide instruction/tools to let you run Windows 8 on your machine. We'll have sample apps, templates and ideas to get you started, and tech sessions on Friday evening to bring you up to speed on the app frameworks and SDKs.

Free meals and a chance for fame and great prizes for creating the next killer app... and there may even be prizes to every app demoer at the Hackathon.

We're excited to see what you all can build!

If you feel up to the challenge, please Sign up Now.  Attendance is capped, so register soon -- all registrations are on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Sign up at http://crossplatform-apphackathon.eventbrite.com Now!


Feb 15 (Friday)
5:00pm Doors open
5:15pm Talks begin
Stay tuned for talk details! Dinner will be served.
9pm Talks end
9pm-Midnight Hack!(Go home and Hack overnight)

Feb 16 (Sat.) Hack the whole day

9:00am Breakfast
12:00pm Lunch
6:00pm Dinner
7:00pm Submission deadline
7:30pm – 9pm Demos

Come Prepared:
Make sure you check these resources out and complete all the installation before the hackathon:

App Frameworks (You can pick one of them to develop your app)

  • AppMobi:


  • Scirra Construct 2


  • YoYo Games


Web Developers


iOS Developers




Get a head start by installing Windows 8 and Visual Studio before coming in:

Comments (6)
  1. Do you have similar event in Seattle, Washington?

  2. Doris Chen says:

    Not at this momentum, but we are planning to have more in the future.  Stay tuned!


  3. Shahaji says:

    Is it mandatory to have windows 8 installed before coming for this event.

  4. Doris Chen says:


    The prizes are awarded for windows 8 app.  If you want to win, you need to install windows 8.  To save yourself sometime, you may want to install windows 8 before the hackathon, otherwise you will end up spending a lot of time on machine setup while everybody else is already working on their app. Also, don't forget to Sign up at crossplatform-apphackathon.eventbrite.com if you haven't done so.  

    See you at Hackathon,


  5. Game maker says:

    I notice game maker has a license for making window 8 games, but it cost about $300. Will you be providing any sort of 30 day trails for game maker or do we have to pay for the license out fo pocket?

  6. Doris Chen says:

    Yes, we have a limited amount license which sponors by GameMaker at the Hackathon.  First come, first serve at the Hackathon.

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