Windows 8 Student Holiday App Challenge: Publish your Windows 8 app and Receive $100 gift card

  Create and publish your Windows 8 application by January 20th, 2013 and Receive a $100 gift card. Get started with your New Year app revolution. It’s easy to do and free! Step 1 GET STARTED Download all the software and resources you need completely FREE! Step 2 BUILD YOUR APP We’ll point you…


Windows Store App Labs: Test your Apps on Different Windows 8 Devices | Find a Lab Near You

Windows Store App Labs are worldwide physical locations where you can access Windows 8 devices, get design help, and meet with Windows experts to make your app great. Test your app on a variety of screen sizes, input methods, and chipsets with the latest Windows 8 devices including Windows RT tablets, Ultrabooks, All-in-Ones, and more….