HTML5 Windows 8 Training: Presentation, and Resources Available


Thanks for attending the Windows 8 Training & Hackathon for HTML5, JavaScript Developers in San Francisco and Mountain View in Oct.  2012.  A lot of you have asked for presentation and resources.  I am using the agenda as map to post the presentation.

If you want to download all the presentation, click HERE.


9:00 – Introduction

9:10 – The Windows 8 Platform Overview and Design


10:00 – HTML5 and CSS3 You Need to Know


11:00 – Break

11:15 – Web and Windows 8: Web Developers Need to Know


12:15 – Lunch

1:15 – Integrating the Windows 8 Experience with Contracts, Tiles and Notifications

Presentation(contracts)            Presentation(tiles and notification)

2:15 – Ready to make some money: Windows 8 Store


8:00 – End


HTML5/CSS3 Resources

•HTML5, CSS3 Free 1 Day Training

•IE 9 Developer guide

•IE 10 Developer guide

•HTML5 Feature-specific demos

•HTML5 Real-world demos

•IE Team Blogs

Windows 8 Resources

•Develop Windows 8 in 30 Days with FREE Consulting& Support (Highly Recommended to sign up)

•Windows 8 Camp in a Box labs, tutorials, and learning resources

•Windows 8 and Tools Download

•Windows 8 Cheat Sheet

•Windows 8 Dev Center

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  1. Christopher says:

    Hi Ms. Chen,

       I'm the DeVry University student that e-mailed you in reference to you Webinar on HTML 5, CSS3, & Javascript and Windows 8 Application Development. I just visited your Blog to look at the resources and make a few comments. I have a question, "Where do you believe Internet access for the general individual is headed? Tablet or Mobile platforms?" In my opinion, I think it may be leaning towards Mobile Devices. Everyone it seems has a Smart Phone or a Tablet. I've just really started developing Web Applications since it's very clear that the Desktop may not be the platform of choice for new consumers.



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