HTML5 WebCamp Lab Setup Instruction

HTML5 WebCamp is coming up soon. It’s time to setup all the software on your laptop and get ready for a successful WebCamp.


Get Prepared!

STEP1: Install Following Software on your machine


After you successfully installed WebMatrix, go to WebPlatform Installer (can access from windows start menu if it is not started yet) and select Products (on the top) and Tools on the left side bar, you should see Microsoft WebMatrix as shown below.


  • Visual Web Developer 2010 Express

    • In WebPlatform Installer, scroll to Visual Web Developer Express 2010 SP1 and click the button Add to install the Visual Studio Express tool.

      • If you haven’t installed Visual Web Developer Express 2010 yet, the Web Platform Installer will first install it first.  Follow the instruction to install it first.

      • Then install Visual Web Developer Express 2010 SP1 which contains SP1 updates.

    • After you have successfully installed Visual Web Developer Express, you should see an Installed status .



STEP 2: Download labs!

Common Q&A

  Don’t have a Windows machine?   

Don’t worry, there are plenty of options to get the most out of HTML5 WebCamp!  Labs are only the last couple hours of the day, and you are also welcome to engage with speakers, proctors, and fellow attendees who will be happy to give you demos.  Nevertheless, please consider using a virtual machine, downloading and installing a trial version of Windows 7, or practice some pair programming with another attendee.

When should I arrive?

Our sessions will be starting promptly at 8:45 AM, so be sure to arrive 30 minutes early for check-in and set up.

See you all there!


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Comments (70)
  1. Melinda says:

    So I guess it's BYOC? (Bring Your Own Computer)  If so, this might be an issue because I have Windows XP and can't install IE9 on my company computer.

  2. Doris Chen says:

    Yes, you need to bring your laptop with all the software (follow the instruction above) installed so you can try all the labs.  It does require Windows 7 to install IE9.  Hope you can resolve the problem before the Webcamp.  See you soon.

  3. Melinda says:

    Thanks, Doris. We'll do our best! 🙂

  4. Katy says:

    When is the next WebCamp and where? I am located in Jacksonville Florida. I think I jsut found this blog after the latest WebCamp started! (like yesterday! )

  5. Aron says:

    Just to make sure I'm clear… We don't need to install Visual Studio Express, if we have Visual Studio Ultimate, correct?

  6. Doris Chen says:

    Hi Aron,

    Yes, that's correct.  If you have Visual Studio Ultimate, make sure it's updated to SP1 so that you can add "Web Standards Update for Visual Studio SP1" onto it.  Also you do need to install WebMatrix as we will use some components there.



  7. Doris Chen says:

    Hi Katy,

    Thanks for your interest.  I don't have the information if we will run WebCamp in Florida yet.  However, I will post all the WebCamp content online so you can take a look.  We will also have video content soon.


  8. Albert says:

    My developer signed up, but I'm going instead. Is this going to be an issue?

  9. Doris Chen says:

    Hi Albert,

    When you check in, please tell the people at the registration who you are replacing.  They can find the developer who registered and then replace with your name.  It's a sold out event, so we don't have any extra room.  Hope you can understand.  

    Also, make sure you setup all the software and labs on your machine.

    See you on Friday,


  10. Frank says:

    I just saw this in my email,

    "These hands-on labs require quite a bit of internet bandwidth, so if you have it available to you – you may want to also bring along your internet broadband device."

    Will internet access not be provided at the venue?

    ~ Frank

  11. Doris Chen says:


    The internet will be provided onsite however due to the large number of attendees, the internet could be very slow.  If you have you own, it is better to use your own.  

    Thanks,  Doris

  12. Jason Yu says:

    Hi, Doris:

    Did you upload the updated classware?  I would like to download it.


  13. Doris Chen says:

    Hi Jason,

    I have uploaded all the content at

    Thanks for your interest,


  14. Kate says:

    I'm confused — I only use a mac — does this mean I can't go because I can't install windows?


  15. Doris Chen says:

    Hi Kate,

    You can attend however we don't have resources to help you with the labs if the problems are from your machine.  One suggestion to you will be trying the virtual machine approach and use the trial version of Windows 7 so you can setup your machine properly.

    Thanks for you interest,


  16. Jeff says:

    Hi Doris,

    Is it required to use IE9?  Or any HTML5 capable browser?  Would Google Chrome work?


  17. Doris Chen says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Yes, IE9 is the preferred the browser for the labs.  We have done full test on IE.  If you use other browsers and run into the problem due to various reasons, we may  not have the resources to fix the problems for you.  Plus,  IE9 has the support for hardware acceleration for HTML5 application and you may not see this in the other browsers.


  18. SteveG says:

    Dawn, like others here we use desktop resources for development and not laptops.  The laptops we have are running XP professional because that is what our clients require us to support in the field.  From the comments I have seen it would appear this training has a hardware and software prerequisite.  Is this correct?

    Does this mean we should cancel our place if our development environment is not mobile?



  19. Doris Chen says:

    Steve, you do need to bring your laptop to do the hands on labs.   You can still attend the event for the lecture and demo but if you don't have your laptop setup properly, you may not be able to do the lab exercises.


  20. Chris says:

    Hi Doris – really appreciate you offering this, most generous of you.

    Sadly, I am still running XP so seems like I will not be able to participate.

    Please feel free to remove my registration.  Thank-you.

  21. Bill White says:

    I'm planning on using remote access to my development desktop. Is there any problem with that?

    — Bill

  22. Doris Chen says:


    Can you cancel from the regsitration?  We don't have your live ID so it will be hard to cancel it for you.  Like I said before, you can still attend for the lecture/demo sessions even though you may not have the right lab setup to do the labs.



  23. Doris Chen says:


    It's possible with the remote access however the internet could be very slow on that day as we have over 500 signed up for the even.  If you can bring your own wifi device, that will be helpful.


  24. Bill White says:

    I assume we will have power plugs available for our laptops? Any posibility of getting plugin access to the network?

    — Bill

  25. Rick says:

    > Step 2 Download labs

    Are there zipped-up version of the lab projects? Or are you expecting us to separately download 42 files?

  26. Doris Chen says:


    When you download the labs, each lab is a zipped file.  Just click the link and it will lead you to the right zip file, then you can save it from there.


  27. I understand that this is a Microsoft session, so the training will be with Microsoft tools, but was wondering, since HTML5 should be a markup language, technically any development environment (even plain text editor) should suffice for building HTML5 apps as long as you have the right browsers. But in such case one just needs to compensate in adapting the Microsoft training sample code to their development environment is all. Am I correct?

  28. James says:

    Hi Doris,

    It was not clear if the registration was still open a couple of weeks ago when I tried to sign up. However, I just received the email with event preparation instructions. Does it mean that registration went through?



  29. Doris Chen says:


    Yes, if you have received the email with event preparation instructions, you are CONFIRMED.

    See you at the WebCamp,


  30. Pete says:

    I am confused about the 'bring your broadband device'. Would you please clarify?  My computer can connect via WiFi (2.4 and 5GHz) as well as through a landline.Thanks

  31. Doris Chen says:


    What we mean is the network device like Verizon or Sprint MiFi device that can provide your own internet access as the bandwidth will be quite limitd due to the high attendence on Sat.


  32. Kevin Keiper says:

    I also have only a Mac and have not yet installed all the necessary materials onto my computer… Will I be able to install what I need and complete the event without any issues? I am coming from SF and would like to prevent getting all the way there only to find out there is a compatibility issue which will prevent completion.



  33. Kevin Keiper says:

    Additionally, do I need to install IE x.x on my machine or will Firefox be enough?

  34. Susan says:

    I also have a Mac, but have used Boot Camp to install a Windows 7 partition. You do need to purchase a license for Windows 7 or use the trial one for this class as Doris has suggested. It's quick to install Boot Camp, but does take a few hours to install Windows and get it set up, however it's well worth the time if you do web development.

  35. SteveG says:

    Doris – I am not going to be able to have the required laptop and MiFi service by next Friday.  Therefore I would like to hand my spot to someone who can make use of this event.  Yet I cannot find anywhere to un- or de- register.  Is there an appropriate link to follow to free up my seat?


  36. Doris Chen says:


    Feel free to just attend sessions even you may not be able to do the labs.  You can always pair up with somebody close by in the table.  If you still decide to un-register, please let us know your live ID so we can help you to cancel.

    Thanks and hope you can still consider to attend,


  37. Murthy says:

    I can't run the labs on my laptop. I followed all setup instructions. When I run from Visual Web Developer 2010 express, I get Directory Listing as output. Any help is appreciated!

  38. Yehuda says:

    My only laptop is a makbook pro running OS X only – I guess this event is not intended for non-Windows web developers

  39. David N says:


    Thanks for the help here… The email I recently received states:


    8:30 AM – Welcome & Registration

    9:00 AM – Sessions will start promptly

    but your "HTML5 WebCamp Lab Setup Instruction" page states

    Are you ready for it? Our sessions will be starting promptly at 8:30 AM, so be sure to arrive at least 15 minutes early for check-in and set up.

    Which is correct? (I'll be attending this Fri, Nov 18.)


  40. Doris Chen says:

    Hi David,

    Sorry for the confusiong.  The session start time is 9 am and come in 30 minutes early for the registration.

    See you soon,


  41. Doris Chen says:

    Hi Yehuda,

    Don’t worry, there are plenty of options to get the most out of HTML5 WebCamp!  Labs are only the last couple hours of the day, and you are also welcome to engage with speakers, proctors, and fellow attendees who will be happy to give you demos.  Nevertheless, please consider using a virtual machine, downloading and installing a trial version of Windows 7, or practice some pair programming with another attendee.



  42. Doris Chen says:


    We need more information to help you debug.  How about let's do it onsite?  We can help you to setup the machine properly.  You do need Windows7.



  43. Murthy says:

    Doris- Thanks, I had leave early on Saturday so I couldn't present at the HTML5 coding practice session. I do have Windows7.

    Do you have any video that explains the setup?

  44. EMT says:

    I left a comment about error (newer version exists) when installing "Web Standards Update for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 SP1", but I don't see my comment live – I hope it will reach you! Thanks

  45. EMT says:

    When installing "Web Standards Update for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 SP1", I get the error that a newer version exists. I don't see any entry in "Programs and Features" in Control Panel (Windows-7-64bit) so how do I make sure that a newer (or at least required ) version is installed? Anything I can check in Visual Studio 2010? The "Video Lab" runs with Video controls and Audio fine(Snokalmie Falls)

  46. Doris Chen says:

    Hi Suzane,

    You may need to set a password for SQL compact databas while you are installing Visual Web Developer Express 2010 but other than that I don't think you need to enter any password.You may need to have adminstrator previlege on your machine to install Visual Studio.  Check to see if you have that.  We can help you to troubleshooting it onsite if it still doesn't work for you.



  47. Doris Chen says:

    Hi EMT,

    I don't think there is another newer version there.  Make sure you have installed Visual Studio 2010 SP1 patch (which is required in the instruction).  It should be  pretty straightforward process.  If you still have problem, let's help you to resolve them onsite.



  48. Murthy says:

    I can't run any of the labs on my laptop. What is the right time to get help at Onsite?

  49. Doris Chen says:


    I would assume you will be attending one of our HTML5 WebCamp in Redmond (11/18) or Portland (12/8).  Will you?  We can help you resolve the setup problem then.  



  50. Rob says:

    Will the samples work with VS 2008?

  51. hongt says:

    Hi Doris,

    Any chance you can publish the materials for the javascript training session 4/7? Thanks!

  52. Marcodamoon says:

    Wasn't my day. On the way I got a flat tire from a nail and by the time  I got a new one, it was noon. Better  get me a good spare.

    And it kept asking me for a password also for the SQL Server.

  53. Pat says:

    Hi Doris,

    Thank you for your presentation on last Friday. It was great and interesting.

    I didn't have a chance to let you know another solution to fix the lab file for other browser. The one that you show by adding z-Index was making the app works but it hide the border line. It should be fixed by adding css "pointer-events: none;" to both .innerborder and .outerborder that allow to clicks on underlying elements.

  54. Doris Chen says:


    Thanks a lot for the fix.  I will try your solution.  Again, thanks for attending the WebCamp.


  55. Doris Chen says:


    Have you already installed a SQL server on your machine?  If so, you may want to try to use the same password.  If not, use the same password you put when you first install SQL server at the begginning.

    Good luck and tomorrow is another day,


  56. Robert Bassman says:


      I am attempting to get my laptop ready for tomorrows DevCamp. I have got the Visual Web Developer Express 2010 installed and am trying to get

    the Visual Web Developer Express 2010 SP1 installed. Even though it says it has installed it successfully it still shows up with an ADD button.

    I've looked in the installed programs under Control Panel and it's not in the list. Any suggestions?


  57. Slides for DevCamp 4/27 @ Redmond says:

    Hi Doris,

    Will you share the the slides you used in DevCamp (4/27)?

    I really appreciate you spent a lot of time to cover various topics, e.g. new features, WP7 development, etc.

    It would be awesome to have the slides to refresh my memories in digest process.



  58. Tom says:

    Wow, this is pretty late notice for us to acquire a Windows 7 machine,

    download and install all this software!  Is it possible some prepared

    machines might be provided?  Thanks!

  59. Doris Chen says:


    We had some problem to send the lab instruction earlier.  Don't worry about it if you don't have enough time to setup everything.  We have a lot of lecture/demo and so you should be able to get a lot out of it.



  60. David says:

    Will power strips be provided or how long of battery life is needed for labs. (Denver location)

  61. Peter R. says:

    I read a question and your answer confirming that if one had Visual Studio 10 Ultimate installed (with updates) then Visual Web Developer Express was not needed.  Does this hold true for Visual Studio 10 Professional as well?


  62. Doris Chen says:


    Power strips will be available at Denver location.

    Thanks and see you there,


  63. Doris Chen says:

    H Peter R.

    If you have Visual Studio 10 Ultimate or Professional with SP1 update, you should be fine to install Web Standards Update for Visual Studio SP1.



  64. Carlos P says:

    Hi Doris,

    Do you see any issues in using Windows 8?  …the only issue I know of is that the Windows Phone emulator does not work, but not sure if other things are affected.  Thanks.  

    Thanks so much for having these events as well.  

  65. Barbara says:

    Disappointed that the prep instructions came out SO late this week.  HOPING my PC will cooperate on configuring it tonight.

  66. Bill S says:

    Are we going to need SQL database? Version?

  67. sunilkumar says:

    Hi Doris,

    I attended the last HTML5 camp.  But I didn't receive any link for the Presentation slide and the Free EBook.  Can you advice how to ge the same.



    ( )

  68. Doris Chen says:

    Hi Carol,

    For this lab, we have fully tested on Windows 7 platform with all the environment we recommended in this instruction.  I don't see any major issue on Windows 8.  However, I haven't fully tested myself.  If you see some problems, please let us know and we can fix them.



  69. Doris Chen says:


    We did send out the email with instruction on Monday (5/14) and Thursday (5/17).  Could it be the email is in Junk folder?

    Thanks for your feedback and we will try to imporve it next time,


  70. Doris Chen says:


    We are not going to use SQL DB for this event.


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