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Developers today keep hearing a lot about HTML5, but many don’t know what it actually means or is truly capable of.  If they want to learn about it, their choices are limited; they can either pick up a book or attend an expensive conference that often only scratches the surface.  The HTML5 Web Camp is the opportunity to connect with designers and developers and show them what’s possible, and how they can start using it today.

Event Overview:

Microsoft's 2-day Web Camps are events designed to teach you all about developing web application using HTML5, WebMatrix, and more. This event is a unique opportunity, partnering classroom learning on day one and with hands-on labs on day two, and leveraging experts to help you build new and exciting websites. The 2-day Web Camps are completely free! No matter your expertise in web development, these Web Camps are the perfect opportunity to get hands-on experience and 'unleash your coding genius'.

Here are a few sample topics that will cover in the Web Camps:

  • Introduction to HTML 5
  • Web Development with HTML5
  • Adding Video, Sound, Canvas, SVG and Animations With HTML 5
  • IE9 and HTML 5 – Your Site Never Looked So Good!
  • Best Practices for HTML5
  • It’s Your Web - Microsoft Web Platform Overview
  • Building Helpers for Microsoft WebMatrix
  • Packaging and Releases Components with NuGet


Dr. Doris Chen, Drew Robbins, Michael Palermo


Register Now as Space is limited!

Day One: May 20th (Friday) Lecture and Demo 

Day Two: May 21st (Saturday)  Hands on Labs

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  1. Ratu B says:

    Please count me in.


  2. Dinesh says:


    Is there any webcast for this session? Or any session happening in India?

  3. Doris Chen says:


    Thanks for your interest.  There is a WebCamp in Inida.  Check this out…/webcamps


  4. Usha says:

    Hi Doris,

    I register about 3 weeks back to this class. But I am not sure if I registered at the right place as I am seeing so many emails floating about space restrictions. Can you pls confirm that I am qualified for both the days?

    Thanks much,


  5. Doris Chen says:


    Have you received the confirmation from Microsoft?  You should have recived the email confirmation about 3 times last week,  If yes, you are all set.  If no, you probably didn't register properly. Thanks for your interest.

  6. Darren Kennedy says:

    Is this full? I was unable to register for either day at the MS link

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