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Windows Azure Platform - Training Workshop

Abstract The Microsoft Developer & Platform is pleased to announce a Metro Workshop event focused on Developers covering the Windows Azure Platform, for Microsoft partners and customers. Delivered through workshop style presentations and hands-on lab exercises, the workshop will focus on three key services of the Windows Azure Platform – Windows Azure, SQL Azure and .NET Services.


Attendee Prerequisites

This workshop is aimed at developers, architects and systems designers with at least 6 months practical experience using Visual Studio 2008 and C#.



Day 1 Introductory Day

Windows Azure Platform Overview                                        Presentation

Windows Azure Compute                                                         Presentation

Windows Azure Storage                                                            Presentation

Intro to Windows Azure                                                            Hands-on Lab

Intro to SQL Azure                                                                      Presentation

Lab Intro to SQL Azure                                                               Hands-on Lab

Intro to the Windows Azure AppFabric                                  Presentation

Intro to AppFabric Labs                                                             Hands-on Lab


Day 2 Architecture Focus            

Scalability, Caching and Elasticity                                           Presentation

Asynchronous Workloads                                                         Presentation

Asynchronous Work and Azure Instance Control                 Hands-on Lab

Storage Strategies and Data Modeling                                  Presentation

Exploring Windows Azure Storage                                          Hands-on Lab


Day 3 Development Focus         

The Azure Platform Application Lifecycle                              Presentation

Deploying Applications in Windows Azure                            Hands-on Lab

Windows Azure Diagnostics                                                     Presentation

Building ASP.NET Applications for Windows Azure             Presentation

Building Web Forms/MVC Apps with Windows Azure         Hands-on Lab

AppFabric Deep Dive                                                                  Presentation

Service Remoting with Windows AppFabric Service Bus    Hands-on Lab


Fees This event is free of charge. However, delegates are responsible for booking and paying for their own travel and accommodation. Both breakfast and lunch will be provided for session days.


Register today!


Date:  3/22/11-3/24/11


Time:  8am-5pm



Microsoft Silicon Valley

1065 La Avenida St.

Mountain View, CA 94043

Building 1


Room: Nebula







Developers, Architects and Systems Designers


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