Updated HTML5 WebCamp Training: Presentation, Demo Available

We just had two most well attended HTML5 WebCamps in Silicon Valley, CA (over 640 attendees), Redmond, WA (over 180 attendees) and Portland, OR (over 100 attendees) . All of you are so well prepared. Thanks for all of you to make our WebCamps so successful! Per your request, I am posting all the presentation,…


Practical HTML5: Using It Today

        I have presented this session to multiple conference including Silicon Valley Code Camp, MCT Summit and it’s very well received. I am asked to post to the content so here you go. Everyone wants to jump into HTML5 but how do you use the cool features of this new specification while ensuring…


HTML5 Mobile and Windows Phone 7

Ben Riga (@benriga) and I have presented a session on HTML5 Mobile and Windows Phone 7 for the Bay Area Mobile Meetup a few weeks ago, since then I have also presented the subject to other conference and developer events.  I am getting a lot of request to post the presentation and here you go:…


HTML5 Dev Conference Presentation: Dive into HTML5: SVG and Canvas

  Many thanks to Ann Burkett for inviting me to speak at the HTML5 Dev Conference  this week.  More than over 1200 people attended this conference in San Francisco. What a crowd!  I had a great time to listen, speak as well as to chat with all of you.  Per your request, I am posting…


Upcoming Free HTML5 Training in West Region

Many of you have asked me when the next HTML5 training will be.  Now I have some good news to share with you.  We are going to offer HTML5 WebCamps in the following cities, Mountain View, CA ,  Redmond, WA and Portland, OR.  Register early as WebCamps will be sold out soon. Event Overview As…


Speaking at HTML5 Dev Conference

I am very excited that I will be speaking at the HTML5 Dev Conf with a top list of speakers like Douglas Crockford and Steve Souders.  This is one of the sessions I will be presenting: Dive into HTML5: SVG and Canvas Speaker:  Doris Chen Developers keep hearing a lot about HTML5, but many don’t…


How to Run node.js with IIS on Windows? Scott Hanselman Has the Answer

   Node.js is a server-side JavaScript environment that uses an asynchronous event-driven model. This allows Node.js to get excellent performance based on the architectures of many Internet applications. node.js just started about 2 years ago but it catches a lot of industry momentum since then. It’s not mad to run node.js on ASP.NET platform. Scott…


HTML5 WebCamp Training in LA: Content and Resources Available

    The HTML5 WebCamp in LA is one of the best WebCamps we have ever had.  All of you are so well prepared.  Thanks for making it a superb WebCamp! Per your request, I am posting all the presentation, demo, labs and resources here so you keep it as a reference and share with your…


Windows 8 Caught On Video?

Windows 8 interview caught on video?  See this video and find out yourself …  More on Windows 8, see Previewing on Windows 8 and Building “Windows 8” by Steven Sinofsky.             


HTML5 WebCamp Lab Setup Instruction

HTML5 WebCamp is coming up soon. It’s time to setup all the software on your laptop and get ready for a successful WebCamp.    Get Prepared! STEP1: Install Following Software on your machine Browsers Internet Explore 9 Mozilla Firefox or Opera WebMatrix Go to WebMatrix Download Click the green button Install WebMatrix to install WebMatrix…